Singles Forum

Do you find yourself wanting to speed through the single stage as quickly as possible? Perhaps you’re even frustrated at failed relationships or at the time that’s passing without the perfect story. And truth be told, maybe you feel stuck in the chapter you’re in but are trying by all means to give a stiff upper lip hoping it passes sooner than later. 

The Singles Ministry at TORCH is here to maneuver this season alongside you.

Join us virtually (on Zoom ID 753 408 2912, Passcode 4321) on the last Saturday of every month at 1pm CST.
day of every month as we get practical about honest questions and infallible Truth. 

It might be natural to assume that the lack of a spouse could offer you a reprieve from the topic of relationships. Yeah? But the Singles social status inadvertently has a way of drawing attention to the subject we may be trying to hide…or hide from. Why? Because it’s a station in life that hints of incompleteness in the area of marriage.

God doesn’t intend for us to be awkward and unsure of ourselves or out of control and skidding into dicey relationship. Far from it! In fact, as we unravel the topic on this page, you will find that the Lover of your soul is quite jealous over you. And very protective of the season we call “Single”. 

You can expect links to helpful videos and audios, book summaries, articles, recommended reads, questions and answers, as well some surprises so you will want to stay engaged with the page!